Alpha Medical Elastic Knee Support Brace With Open Patella


It is highly recommended by the manufacturer that patients with large non-athletic thighs consider the Alpha Medical Dual Stay Open Patella Knee Brace.

Open patella design: The brace features an open patella design, which means that the kneecap is left exposed. This design helps to relieve pressure on the patella and reduce discomfort.

Elastic material: The knee brace is made from an elastic material that provides a snug and comfortable fit. The elastic material also allows for flexibility and freedom of movement.

Slip-on design: The support brace is designed to easily slip on and off, making it convenient to wear.

Knee stabilizer support: The brace offers support to the knee joint, helping to stabilize and protect it. This can be beneficial for individuals with weak or injured knees or those recovering from knee surgery.

Pain relief: The knee support provides compression and targeted support to help relieve knee pain. It can be used for conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and general knee discomfort.

Versatile use: The brace can be worn during various activities such as sports, exercise, or everyday tasks. It provides support and stability to the knee, making it suitable for a range of uses and lifestyles.

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The Alpha Medical Elastic Knee Support with Open Patella is more than just your basic elastic knee support sold at the big chain drug stores. Using our advanced knitting technology we made a 12-inch long elastic sleeve that is contoured to match the shape and bend of the leg. We also computer control the tension of the elastic in the production process to provide graduated compression which can help blood flow. The “cut out” at the kneecap helps reduce pressure on the knee cap while stabilizing the patella. In addition to function we focused on comfort. The Compression Support Knee Brace is free of seams on the inside of the brace and made with a special knit pattern over the patella. The patella pattern increases vertical stretch while helping to reduce bunching at the back of the knee when the leg is in the bent position. Knee compression sleeves give added support, increasing stability and helping to reduce swelling in an injured knee. Patients that have light sprains may be directed to use a compression sleeve during the early stages of rehabilitation. Other patients that have ongoing knee problems or chronic conditions may be recommended to use a sleeve on a daily basis. These sleeves are less restricting than most other knee supports and can be worn under loose fitting clothing.

Knee compression sleeves can be used to treat:
– Light swelling
– Light knee strains
– Chronic inflammation
– Degenerative joint disease.

Size Guide: For correct size measure around the leg 5.5 inches above the knee cap.

Small: 16″-17″
Medium: 17″-18″
Large: 18″-19.25″
X-Large: 19.25″-20.5″
2X-Large: 20.5″-22″
3X-Large: 22″-23″


Item#: 200-00

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large


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