Alpha Medical Padded Night & Day Wrist Brace and Carpel Tunnel Sleep Support Hand Splint


Padded design: The brace is lined with soft padding for maximum comfort during both day and night use. This ensures that your hand and wrist are cushioned and protected from any discomfort or pressure.

Metal splint stabilizer: The wrist brace includes a metal splint that provides excellent support and stabilization to the wrist. This helps prevent excessive movement and reduces the risk of further injury or discomfort.

Thumb opening: The brace features a soft thumb opening that allows for natural movement and flexibility of the thumb. This ensures that you can still perform tasks that require dexterity without any restriction or discomfort.

Effective support for carpel tunnel and tendonitis: The wrist brace is specifically designed to provide support and relief for conditions like carpel tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. It helps reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with these conditions.

Versatile use: The wrist brace can be worn both during the day and at night, providing 24/7 support and comfort. It is suitable for various activities, including typing, sports, and sleeping.

Adjustable fit: The brace features adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit according to your comfort and support needs. This ensures a secure and snug fit, preventing the brace from slipping or moving during use.

Breathable and durable material: The wrist brace is made of high-quality, breathable materials that promote air circulation and keep your hand and wrist cool and dry. The material is also durable and long-lasting, providing reliable support for extended periods.

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The Alpha Medical Padded Night & Day Wrist Brace is designed to provide support and compression to the wrist, particularly for individuals suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or other wrist-related injuries.

This wrist brace features a metal splint stabilizer that helps to immobilize the wrist joint and provide extra support and stability. The metal splint is strategically placed along the palm and underside of the wrist to prevent any unwanted bending or flexing movements, allowing for proper healing and recovery.

The brace is made with a padded material that provides a comfortable fit and prevents irritation or discomfort during use. It also has a soft thumb opening, which allows for a full range of motion of the fingers and thumb while still supporting the wrist.

This wrist brace is designed for both daytime and nighttime use. During the day, it provides support and protection during activities that may put stress on the wrist, such as typing or carrying heavy objects. During the night, it helps to keep the wrist in a neutral position, preventing any movements that may worsen wrist pain or discomfort during sleep.

Size Guide: Measure around the wrist just above the wrist joint.
Small: 5.5″-6.5″
Medium: 6.5 “-7.5″
Large: 7.5″- 8.5”
X-Large: 8.5 “- And Up

Application Instructions:
Unfasten the hook and loop closures on the Wrist Splint. Slip the Wrist Splint over the hand with the rigid spoon facing the palm of the hand. Slip thumb through the hold on the Wrist Brace. Slip each of the three straps through the loop locks starting at the bottom. Tighten each strap on the Wrist Brace until comfortable. Cut off any extra strap material.

Care Instructions:
The Wrist Brace can be machined washed with mild detergent. Lay the Wrist Brace flat to dry. Do not use a hot dryer or iron on the Wrist Brace.


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